Factors To Consider Before Indulging In An Online Trading Platform

Factors To Consider Before Indulging In An Online Trading Platform

There are various considerations to make before indulging in any online trading platform. In Singapore, making investment decisions as an expert or novice trader can be an arduous task. The following tips will come in handy to help traders determine whether or not they want to venture in trading.

Do not invest in one market only

Investing in only one market comes with increased chances of incurring concentration risk. This may be as a result of keeping a huge portion of your shares in a specific asset class, investment, or market sector comparative to the trader’s comprehensive portfolio. Traders should be in a position to establish how this risk occurs in order to regulate it. Some instances that concentration risk may happen is; if Australian traders invest in the same sector, when they place their entire investments in a single stock, and if they opt for a high correlation security type or invest in the same geographic area.

In order to avoid this, traders should opt to invest across markets. Many of the available online trading platforms do not limit accessibility of stock exchange. Traders have the opportunity to acquire more than one. Regardless of the online trading platform a trader chooses, they may access exchange traded funds, equities, and stock exchanges in various countries.


Research is vital when it comes to investing in any online trading platform. It helps traders to comprehend the financial industry, and enables them to make well versed investment resolutions. It is important to understand that many online trading platforms allow traders to access fundamental and technical information in regard to a specific security. Australian traders can research about the stock quote or research tab, find out about price earnings ratios,  seek to understand major financial data in regard to securities, understand income statements and balance sheet, and comprehend earnings for every share dividend return.

Still, traders can access a newsfeed page which enables them to understand both previous and current market news. With this, they will be able to search for vital information under one roof without having to log out of the online trading platform.

Calculations are vital

Traders should understand that other than the brokerage fees, transactions may come with additional charges such as minimum flat rate fees, forex exchange fees, or custody charges. These charges can have an impact in a trader’s earnings. Traders can search for an online trading platform that enables them to trade on low custody and brokerage charges.

Understand the available financing options

An online trading platform that allows traders to access liquidity comes in handy to help them regulate their entry and exit while trading stocks. Various online trading platforms provide a share financing option to enable traders reach their liquidity goals, while offering them additional purchasing capability. By so doing, the earnings they gain from trading are immediately availed in their subsequent investment purchase.

Make use of digital trading instruments

When it comes to trading, stocks are bound to rise and drop. Traders may want to reduce their losses, and safeguard their earnings by restricting the losses they can permit. Some online trading platforms will allow traders to execute a stop loss order. This way the platform sells a security automatically, once it gains its previously determined price. Traders who are too busy to regulate price fluctuations can make use of this option to counter losses, especially in the event stock prices fluctuate sharply.


Traders in Singapore should seek to understand how easy it is to transfer their earning to and from their brokerage accounts. This is especially vital for traders who invest in an online trading platform in order to supplement their income. While some traders may want to invest on long term, it is important to review income settlement, withdrawal, and deposit terms. When it comes to depositing facts, traders should establish how to go about depositing funds in their brokerage account, understand whether the account provides an account that they can use to transfer funds, whether there are any charges involved, and find out the length of time it takes before the deposited funds settle in the account.