How To Combine Fundamental Analysis And Technical Analysis

How To Combine Fundamental Analysis And Technical Analysis

Any trader or investor needs a strategy to be successful in the market. A profitable strategy requires an in-depth understanding of the market. To achieve this you need a good analysis technique. There are two main forms of analysis that traders and investors like to use.

  • Technical analysis is the use of historical data to determine price movements and volume in a market.
  • Fundamental analysis uses both current and historical data to determine the intrinsic value of stocks.

The two aspects of analysis vary widely because they target different aspects of the trading market. Regardless, they may be combined to create better strategies for investors. A combination of the techniques does not only strengthen the strategy but also enhances the knowledge of the market.

Although combining the two strategies is not necessary, it can be useful to your overall business strategy.

Practicalities Of Combing Fundamental Analysis And Technical Analysis

Fundamental and technical analysis are very unique tools in themselves. They are useful in helping traders and investors alike when it comes to deciding which stocks to buy. Despite their differences, they have similarities.

  • Data – Both fundamental and technical analyses rely on past data to conclude price movements and intrinsic values of stocks.
  • Decision – The purpose of both forms of analysis is to provide an investor with all the necessary information needed before choosing to buy stocks. An informed choice means that the risks of making losses are lowered.
  • Risk Management – Data analysed reduces the chances of making losses. For example, information such as when to buy or sell is crucial. The timing makes a huge difference. Both forms of analysis help deal with this issue.

Using both techniques during analysis is not complicated. The similarities they share makes combing them as techniques simpler.

Consider strong points about each form of analysis. Only use a technique relevant to the analysis and conclusion you are trying to get to. Use a few at a time when combining the techniques.

Technical analysis techniques can come in handy for a fundamental analysis when;

  • You need to time when to enter a market.
  • You need to manage the risk involved in the investment, technical indicators come in handy.
  • You need to determine when to exit the market.

When using technical analysis, some fundamental techniques may also come in handy. Some cases where it may be useful include;

  • When determining which stocks to invest in.
  • When determining the intrinsic value of a stock. Knowing whether stocks are overpriced or undervalued is essential.
  • When determining high-risk companies or stocks that are overpriced.

These are some key points to consider when buying shares. There is no right or wrong formula. Try using a method that works best for you.

Always be practical when borrowing techniques. Don’t do things because they are popular.

Advantages Of Fundamental Analysis And Technical Analysis

A good way to determine how to combine the two forms of analysis is by having an understanding of their respective advantages.

Fundamental Analysis

  1. It focuses on the intrinsic value of stocks. It can determine using data whether stocks are overpriced or undervalued.
  2. Uses broad and in-depth analysis of data to understand the industry and market better.
  3. It mainly focuses on long term trading such as position trading.
  4. Extensively assesses both present and past data to conclude.

Technical Analysis

  1. It provides useful insights into the entry and exit point within a market. It is a useful tool when used to determine when to buy or sell.
  2. It is flexible and can therefore be used and applied to most trading mechanisms.
  3. Technical analysis mostly focuses on short to medium-term investments and trades.

An analyst should consider experimenting with a few of the techniques before settling on a particular one.

Wrapping Up

Fundamental and technical analysis are quite different forms of sorting and understanding data. They are useful tools however and each has its unique strengths.

Despite the differences, they are not without similarities. This makes combining them not only possible but also simpler.

A combination of the techniques provides a means to strengthen a traders ability to make decisions about when and how to invest. It may take some time and practice before an investor has come up with a suitable combination. When understood, it can be a useful tool for investors.